Big Cat Quiz

1) Which big cat has a large mane?
a) Tiger
b) Bobcat
c) Lion
d) Leopard

2) Which cat is known for it's stripes?
a) Tiger
b) Jaguar
c) Linx
d) Lion

3) Do tigers swim?
a) No
b) They are afraid of water.
c) Yes, they love the water.
d) They don't like to get wet.

4) The lions live with other lions. This group is called?
a) Group
b) Pack
c) Pride
d) No Special Name

5) How far can a cougar leap?
a) He can not jump.
b) 2 feet
c) 18 feet
d) 5 feet

6) Which cat can run 45 - 70 mph? This is the fastest cat.
a) Lion
b) Tiger
c) Cheetah
d) Jaguar

7) Which cats can be kept as pets?
a) Tiger
b) Lion
c) Bobcat
d) None of the above

8) Which is the largest cat?
a) Lion
b) Tiger
c) Puma
d) Leopard

9) What is a baby lion called?
a) Kitten
b) Lioness
c) Cub
d) King

10) How many Siberian tigers are in the wild?
a) There are more tigers in captivity than exist in the wild.
b) There are only 200 - 400 Siberian tigers left in the wild.
c) Both of the above.

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