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These silly Desktop Critters sit on top of your computer's desktop... move them around with your mouse. Click on the Critter to activate... then click on them again to move them around your desktop. Click on her hotspots for animations and sounds (some do not have animation). MIDI Player Hotspots... location shown in picture. Pick from the midis toons you have on your computer (some do not have MIDI Player).

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Advanced MIDI Players
These MIDI Players... you can select several tunes to play one right after another.


Desktop Teddy Bear MIDI Player - Advanced

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This will vary in each MIDI Player Character... but basically... it is all the same setups.

  • Clicking on HELP shows you the picture you see here.
  • Clicking on the NOSE-EYE area of the Bear opens the file list so you can pick your MIDI tunes. Click on this area again... and the MIDI tunes will stop playing.
  • The Star will flash as long as the MIDI tunes are playing.
  • Clicking on FORWARD will take you to the next song.
  • Clickon on REWIND will take you to the last song played.
  • Clicking on EXIT will close the program. If the program does not have the word EXIT then click on ESC on your keyboard.

    You will see this area under the MIDI Player Character... it is for downloading the program. If you have problems downloading... it may be due to a bad ... or busy internet connection. If you have problems... please try again at another time. Our server is very busy at holiday times.

    Download TeddyBearPlayer.exe [about 560kb]

    Registration Fee: FREE for Billy Bear's Visitors

    Yes... most of our programs are free... this does not mean that it is Public Domain... it is copyrighted. It just means that you can use the program without paying a fee to use it. If you see a price in this area under Registration Fee... that means there is a fee to continue to use the program.


    MIDIScreen.gif - 12042 Bytes

    INSTRUCTIONS... Open the directory where your MIDI files are located... click on CTRL on your keyboard, while holding down this key... click on the MIDI tunes you want to play. Each one you pick will be highlighted in blue (as shown here). When you've selected all the MIDI tunes you want to play... click on OPEN. The MIDI tunes will begin to play.


    Notice the Hot Link to Billy Bear's site... a quick way for the lil' ones to visit Billy Bear.

    Our Lisiting of MIDI Tunes for Kids

    Maybe you can find MIDIs
    from Yahooligans - A Kid Safe Search Engine

    Links to MIDI Sites we've found
    Grandma's Children's MIDI and Lyrics
    Kid's MIDIs and Lyrics
    Karen's Klutter

    Once downloaded... run the exe file to play with the Desktop Critters... when you are done... click on the ESC button on your keyboard. To remove the program from your computer... just delete the exe file.

    License to Use: You may use this free program on your personal computer. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media. A review of our program, with a link back to our site for download is welcome. Downloading from another site, is not permitted.



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