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Free Alphabet Colorbook Program for Kids

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ABC ColorBook

ABCcolorbook.gif - 30359 Bytes

Color the Alphabet and the matching characters. 30 colorbook pages and 31 easy to fill colorful colors. Use the large arrows to move to the next picture. Easy to exit... just click on the Exit Bee to say Bye-Bye. Great program for lil' ones to color. Some of the pictures may be harder than others... most are easy to color.

Look for the animated ClownFish... he is cool! Once you find him, you can click on him over and over again! He'll swim over your coloring pages too! (I think he is Nemo's cousin!) This program is a great way for lil' ones to learn how to use and control their mouse. A bit of animation, sound and coloring pages to keep them interested in the world of comptuers... at a fun... young age.

123... Color with Me!
1. Open the Program... 2. Click on a Color... 3. Fill the Color on the Picture

Windows PC Program
Registration FREE for Billy Bear's Visitors

No Download Fee
Download: ABCcolor.exe

OR... print a PDF copy of this ABC book, print and use your crayons.
Print - Cut - Fold - Staple Center - Color


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License to Use: Download is for Billy Bear's visitors only. Our work is not public domain and not to be distributed by anyone in any form. A review of this program with a link back to this page is welcome. To remove the program from your computer... just delete the .exe file.



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