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No Salt - Low Salt - CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)

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After my second heart attack...
I was told that I now have Congestive Heart Failure

When you have Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) doctors say that you should not eat more than 2000mg of sodium a day (You should only have 400mg of salt or less for each meal) ...the average person eats WAY MORE than this. A meal at fast food restaurants can be well over this suggested amount of sodium.

It isn't easy to find foods that are low in sodium... and taste good... so we thought we would share what we've found. Your taste may be different than ours... add spices that you like to make your meals taste great! You don't have to give up foods that taste good... you just have to give up the overdose of salt that our Hearts do not need.

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A great site to inform kids about staying healthy,
dealing with feelings and so much more is


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No Salt - Low Salt Recipes & Suggestions
- things we have done to improve our low salt way of eating... ideas you may find useful.


No Salt - Low Salt Lower Michigan Shopping List
- we've included some suggestions to help you with a low salt diet... that we've found in our local stores. If you don't live in Michigan... don't let this stop you... the stores we visit here... you may have where you live.

Try shopping at Hiller's Market (Ann Arbor and other locations), they have many lower salt products... a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables! Visit them online for a location near you.


No Salt - Low Salt Cookbooks
- that we've found. You'll find some information about each book.


No Salt - Low Salt Eating Out
- a few things I do when eating out... sour cream on your baked potato?


No Salt - Low Salt Online Shopping

Healthy Heart Market - - You'll find just about everything you need here... Spices, Vegitables, Soups & Broth, Salad Dressings, Condiments & Sauces, Crackers & Snacks, Baking & Staples... Books... and more. Shop Online... they ship it to you. Prompt!

Redi Base Soup Base for homecooking

Veryfine Fruit20... Spring Water and Natural Fruit flavor. 0 calories, 5mg Sodium. Uses Splenda for sweetness.

Mozzarella Cheese Low Salt and No Salt

Cheese suggestion: Grate the cheese... put it in the freezer. ALSO... no salt cheese... is rather... hum... drab tasting... so I mix 1 part no salt with 1 part low salt cheese. As long as you don't exceed your sodium intake for a meal this is a great way to add cheese... and keep the sodium count down.

PS... check out Swiss Cheese... you'll find that swiss cheese is usually lower in salt than other cheeses.


No Salt - Low Salt & CHF Helpful Links

  • Heartmates Interactive
  • Living with Heart Failure - American Heart Association
  • No Salt - Low Salt Cookbook By Don Gazzaniga


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