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Pet Show

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Dog Shows are great fun to attend... I like the 4H Fair too... Cat Shows are filled with lots of wonderful fluff balls of smiles! If you know of one in your area... be sure to go and see all the animals!

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James is the Cocker Spaniel on the right... visit his family's web page!

If you don't have a show near your home... have a show of your own!!! Invite friends and family to bring over their favorite Stuffed Animal Toy. You could have "real" animals... but... some animals may bite... or fight... and what about the friend who has a horse... the horse may not fit in your living room... or backyard... so unless you have adults there to help you out... have a show with your stuffed animals... this too can be lots of fun!


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YOUR Stuffed Animal Show

  • Invitations Set the date for the show... make sure it is okay with your mom and dad BEFORE you do this... you don't want to get grounded... or red faced when all your friends show up and your parents send them all home... make sure you always ASK FIRST!!! Make up invitations to send out to your friends and family to attend the Stuffed Animal Show. Have them bring their favorite stuffed animal... or just come to watch.

    Print Invitations - Puppy Envelope - Cat Envelope - Teddy Bear Envelope

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  • Brush and groom your stuffed animals. First... set up a grooming area where the animals can be brushed... add cute bows... or other hair ornaments... just like they do in a real animal show.

    StuffedAnimals.jpg - 26731 Bytes

  • Line up the stuffed animals in a row. You can even have your friends to pretend walk their animals around an area. Have the animals sit... stay... come. Watching how everyone plays out this part of the show can be lots of fun! Creativity and imagination is the key to this part of the show.

    move4a.gif - 3236 Bytesmove1.gif - 1727 Bytesmove2.gif - 3295 Bytesmove3.gif - 1146 Bytes

  • Have a judge (or judges) to pick out the best one. Because you are the one hosting the show... maybe you could be the judge.

  • Have an awards banquet to hand out the prizes. Make up awards... certificates to hand out to the winners. You don't have to have only 1st, 2nd... and 3rd place winners... you can make lots of awards making sure that everyone gets at least one award to take home. This way... no one will go home with hurt feelings.

  • Award Suggestions:
  • Use our Certificate Maker to Create your Awards Online
  • Make Award Ribbons

    Certificate Suggestions:
    finished.gif - 7413 Bytes 1st
    Best of Show
    Best Female
    Best Male
    Prettiest Animal
    Most Colorful Animal
    Most Sparkle Award
    Most Fluffy Award
    Brightest Teeth Award
    Best Groomed Award
    Groovy Award
    Most Awesome Animal Award
    The Largest Animal Award
    The Smallest Animal Award
    The Loudest Animal Award
    The Quietest Animal Award
    Best Hair-doo
    Biggest Hair
    Cleanest Animal Award
    Animal Giggle Award
    Best Dressed Award
    Make up your own award ideas... most important thing... HAVE FUN!

    TableTop Show: If you don't have the space to have a big pet show... maybe you'll have just enough space for a table top animal show... use our animal pictures... cut them out... make stands for the animals... and have yourself a dandy wild animal show.

    Paper Pet Show: Have everyone write a paper on his or her pet... or favorite aniaml. Have them include a photo (may be a photo copy of a photo)... or drawing. Have each read their paper... then everyone vote on the best one.

    MORE Animal Fun!

    Read our Animated Computer Storybooks
    TitleIcon.gif - 16133 Bytes
    My Puppy | My Kitty

    t-wallpaper86.jpg - 8298 Bytes
    Dog Show Wallpaper - 800x600

    More Animal Wallpaper ...including Pets!
    Check out our Pet Certificates
    Awards Page... give yourself an award!
    Aniaml Scoop Pages - Whose Toes are Those?

    In the above photo... the bird is real... Bongo... our African Grey Congo!




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