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Chimpanzee Necklaces

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Chimpanzee Necklaces

Materials Needed:
Sculpey Black Clay
Sculpey Flesh Clay
Dull point Pencil
Thin Wire
Oven & Parents

Sculpey is a polymer clay that is baked in the oven to harden.


Clay1.gif - 1201 Bytes
Roll a round ball... then flatten for the chimp's face. Make the circle about the size of a nickle.

Clay2.gif - 1321 Bytes
Roll a round ball of flesh... as you flatten this, turn to an oval shape. This will be the muzzle area of the chimp.

Clay3.gif - 1613 Bytes
oll two small balls for the eyes and set in place.

Clay4.gif - 1627 Bytes
Roll one small ball for the nose. Place it on the top area of the oval muzzle... right between the eyes.

Clay5.gif - 1437 Bytes
Roll some flesh... make a flat oval. Cut off the ends as shown. These will be the ears to the chimp.

Clay6.gif - 1930 Bytes
Carefully push the ears on the chimp's side of the face area.

Clay7.gif - 1958 Bytes
with the dull pointed pencil (or stylist) press in holes in the eyes.

Clay8.gif - 1991 Bytes
Use the dull pencil to push in two nostrils in the nose.

Clay9.gif - 2022 Bytes
Use a toothpick to put a line for the mouth.

Clay10.gif - 2148 Bytes
Use the side of the pencil to make two marks on the ears.

Clay11.gif - 2238 Bytes
Take a piece of thin wire... bend over to make a U shape. Use scissors to cut. Press the wire into the top of the chimps head. If the wire happens to come off after baking... apply a drop of super glue and put the wire back in the holes.

Bake in the oven ... 270 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes... watch so the ears don't burn.

After is has baked... and cooled... cut a thin ribbon (long enough for your neck)... loop it through the wire U that you put in the chimp. Viola... a Chimpanzee Necklace!




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