Great Apes at Toledo Zoo
Rozi's Adventures

RoziTravelingCart.jpg - 12740 Bytes

Rozi sits in my front basket and holds my camera lenses.

The Great Apes
October 14, 2004 We visited Toledo Zoo - Outside Area. We went to Gorilla Family Group #2... head silverback.. Kwisha. As soon as we arrived... Kwisha ran and hit the window beating his chest as he ran past. He seemed not to like us taking photos. He would hit the window right in front of us... or sit in front of us soon after I would raise my camera to take a photo. I am not sure if he disliked my camera or my cart.

FamilyGroups.jpg - 21406 Bytes

At Toledo Zoo... besides the inside areas... there are two outside areas. One is a natural setting with grass and a few trees. Then there is an activity area with ropes to swing from, balls, boxes, baskets and other items. The families are switched ... one day in one area, the next day usually in the other area.

KwishaG2.jpg - 11460 Bytes

G2-Mom1-Baby.jpg - 9670 Bytes
Shani and her baby Bwenzi
This mom... and youngster were the first to come near us.

G2-Mom-Baby.jpg - 13927 Bytes
Johari and baby Dara

The youngest baby gorilla then followed along to play with the other lil' gorilla. Kwisha came through 3 times beating the window. Everyone would leave the window, the lil' ones would run to be cuddled by their moms.

The youngest continued to come to the window. Even... beating it's chest going up to daddy like it was big and bad... then returned to the window.

BabyLilMom2Group2.jpg - 12224 Bytes
Johari and baby Dara
The Gorilla carry their babies on their backs.



AkbarG1.jpg - 7881 Bytes

Gorilla Family Group #1 - Outside Enrichment Area.

G1-Female.jpg - 8024 Bytes

Akbar is the oldest of the two males. Gorillas are very "family structured."

Akbar-Baby.jpg - 48752 Bytes
Akbar is a wonderful Daddy

Akbar-de-Man.jpg - 37145 Bytes

It would be something to be able to see the Gorillas in the wild to see how this family structure works compared to captive Gorillas.

Young-n-Box.jpg - 17991 Bytes     YoungSwingin.jpg - 10907 Bytes

Juba having fun!
This is in the activity area setting... swinging!

CleaningWindow1a.jpg - 8846 Bytes     CleaningWindow1b.jpg - 8786 Bytes

Cleaning Windows

Bronx.jpg - 22233 Bytes

The area at the Bronx zoo is one of the better habitat homes for Gorillas.




Chimp.jpg - 8112 Bytes

Out of 2 chimps... this is the only one that came to see Rozi... this chimp also kissed Rozi through the window.

Fifi2.jpg - 10397 Bytes

FiFi holds tight to a aligator toy (headless now). When Fifi's friend died (another chimp that was housed at Toledo Zoo)... Fifi started to carry around this white toy gator.




BoomerSM.jpg - 8432 Bytes     KutaiSM.jpg - 5763 Bytes
Boomer and MJ are brother and sister.
Kutai's baby is being human raised... she has rejected her baby.

MJ.jpg - 16619 Bytes

MJ likes to look at storybooks... and look at herself in a mirror.
Apes are able to know that it is "them" when they look in the mirror.
MJ wanted to look at Rozi... then at everything I had in my basket.
She uses a sign with her hand to tell you she wants to see more
(or turn the page in the book).

Swingin.jpg - 15505 Bytes


Gorilla Heaven is a nice website about apes. They even have a photo of Akbar there!




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