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Zippy the Chimp Painting

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Zip's Painting

ZipPainting.png - 280725 Bytes


ZippyPainting.jpg - 10309 Bytes

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:Painting II - Leslie sent me an email about her painting...
Zippy "gave" me in Richmond, Virginia in 1975. When I was four years-old, I shouted that I thought the painting looked like an Indian, so they gave it to me. It still looks like a Native American chief in my book. I don't know what it is, but I've always loved the painting--even as a child. I think it appeals to my interest in abstract art. And, like I mentioned before, what really astounds me is that 35 years later I still think this painting looks like an "Indian," which is what awarded me the painting when I blurted out my answer oh so many years ago.

zippy_painting_1974-75Indian.jpg - 44707 Bytes

Painting... The Indian

zippy_authenticationndian.jpg - 44528 Bytes

Back of Painting - Zippy Enterprises, Inc. verifies this painting has been done by Zippy the T.V. Chimp. Zippy mixes the paints on his pallette and applies them to the canvases at his own discretion.

Zippy paintings, which have been brought for as much as $300, have been sold in numerous stores,have made newspaper front page and received national acclaim.

Over 10 million people witnessed Zippy do a painting on the Captain Kangaroo show. The painting was then entered in a New York art exhibit and received recognition as one of the finest works in the show - noted for its boldness of stroke. The art critics were under the impression that the painter was a human. Variety ranan article titled, "Chimp Makes Chump of Art Critics."




... as told by Kathleen Parry

One day a cameraman said he was taking his wife's paintings to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Zippy made a painting on the show that day, and as a joke, the man said he'd take Zippy's work, too.

Parry signed the chimpanzee's painting Z. Panpamiscus, for the type of chimp he was - she was never sure of the spelling of Pan paniscus, so she just took a guess.

A critic at the museum wrote Zippy a letter saying his work had great depth and was some of the best art he'd seen.

When the museum discovered the artist was a chimp, officials there weren't happy with the ruse.

But Zippy's painting endeavors became lucrative.

Parry says she and her husband would set up canvases along the walls of the basement of their home, give Zippy a palette with lots of oil paint in different colors and let him go.

"He'd eat half the paint," Parry says, twisting one of three diamond rings on her left hand and laughing. "We toured all over. People would pay as much as $500 for those silly paintings."




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