Toni's Email Letter

Baby chipmunks can survive on water but they really need their mother's milk. I don't know if they will drink cow's milk. Chipmunk milk is very rich and it's not the same as cow's milk. You might try apple juice or grape juice, mixed with water; or a bit of corn syrup and water.

They can eat birdseed (millet, sunflower seeds, etc.), and they can also eat peanuts and almonds, but you may have to break them into small pieces at first, depending on how old the babies are. They spend about four to six weeks with their mom before they venture out on their own to find food, but they continue to live with their mom for another month or so before they go out on their own. They need food and drink every couple of hours when they are small.

It's too bad the nest was disturbed; I imagine that their mom will come looking for them. Keep an eye out for her. She has milk and I know she will want to find them. She will probably chirp repeatedly, that's her way of calling them. She may not be hurt, she just might have been out looking for food.

Of course she will have to make a new home for them and she may be frightened to get too near where her original nest was disturbed. Anyway, let me know what happens, or write if you have any more questions.

good luck,