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Make-It Take-It Animal Safari

      Supplies Needed:
          Heavy Paper
          Base CutOuts

          Animal Photo Cutouts for this project can be found on our Tickle the Toes area of the site. If you don't have time to play the learning game, the animal's pages are listed near the bottom of the page.

step1.gif - 13634 Bytes
Print the animal that you want to make. For this project we like to use thick paper. Click on FILE (usually located in the upper left hand corner of your screen), then click on PRINT. Fold the animal photo in half... careful to match him up when folded. We like to hold the photo up to a window to make sure the photo is lined up correctly.

step2.gif - 7359 Bytes
Once folded in half, unfold the animal photos. Put some glue on the inside of the animal photo... not too much, just enough to hold it together. Then fold the animal photo in half again.

step3.gif - 1613 Bytes
While the glue is allowed to set up a bit... color the bases for your animal photo. Here we decided to color ours yellow. You will need 2 bases for each animal photo (that way it will stand good for you). Once you have colored the bases, then carefully cut them out.

step2b.gif - 16130 Bytes
Carefully cut out the animal photo, so just the animal remains. Next cut the slats on the animal photo and on the bases.

step4.gif - 7147 Bytes
Slide the base into the slats you cut on the animal photo. You can use a little bit of glue, or tape to hold the slats in place if you'd like to.


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You may print out as many of these animal photos that you need for
your own personal non-profit use. The patterns may not be distributed
by any means. Teachers may print what is needed for their classroom.

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