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Soup - our Painted Turtle

We found Soup sitting on the ground... within inches of where Zach's (our Mini-Donkey) hoofs were standing. Soup looked like a stone, he was only about the size of a quarter.

Because Soup was so small, we knew that somewhere near here... there must be a turtle nest. Mommy turtles dig a hole in the dirt, then lay their eggs. Once the eggs are laid, they cover the hole by using their back legs, pushing the dirt over the eggs.

It is amazing how well their nests are covered... they don't leave a trace of where their nest is hidden. The turtles eggs are very strong, and difficult to break. This is to protect them from the animals that would like to eat them... like raccoons and squirrels.

Soup.jpg - 23597 Bytes
This is a photo of Soup grown up.


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