August 27...
Baby Snickers is still doing good. At this age, they seem to rest a lot! This mornings feeding was good... very good, he drank nearly an ounce of pedialyte. (We bought him the fruit flavor... our choices were fruit or grape)

One of the rehabbers emailed just now (she was the third one we emailed)... and sent us phone numbers to a few wildlife rehabbers in our area. We did find out that this baby is a fox squirrel ... eats ALOT ... and needs TONS of room for play (excercise).

We will now start to add Puppy Milk (we get ours from a shop called Quality Farm & Fleet) to this baby's diet and start to take him off pedialyte (which was only used because this baby was dehydrated). We'll introduce it slowly to him so not to upset his belly, mixing it with the pedialyte (the food he was used to). In a couple of days he will be on straight formula.

We will remove the bed of pine shavings from his housing area babies, even with their eyes closed they start to nibble, and may be injured by the sharpness of the shavings. Instead we will find an old tee-shirt or flanel shirt (diapers were first recommended, but with grown children, those we do not have... towels are not good because their claws can get caught in them) that he can lay on. We will try to find a vegi based dog food, and put a few pieces in his bed that he can chew on.

I feel it is important again to mention that you should contact a veterinarian, humane society, DNR, or wildlife rehabber. It is much more fun to watch the wildlife in their natural environment than it is to see them captive. I may never get to watch this lil' guy romp and play in my backyard because squirrels and raccoons do not get along... squirrels often times loosing out and becoming a dinner delight to raccoons. It will be better if we release Snickers in another area to keep him safe... this is another reason it is good to try and contact a wildlife rehabber who works with squirrels.


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