August 28...
I wish we had of know about widlife rehabbers when we had the baby chipmunks. Nearly 2 months after the story about chipmunks, we received an email from a very rude wildlife rehabber. Up until then, even through our contact with vetrinarions, DNR, humane society... we never knew there were rehabbers. Because of the nature of this email... I NEVER intended to contact anyone who belonged to this group. ...but because of the love I have for animals I decided to give them a try with Snickers... although the intital contact took some time to find someone, once we did make contact it's been wonderful! I'm glad I did... I have met some of the nicest caring people!

By the way... ONE of the reasons the 2nd rehabber didn't get in touch with me right away... She is from North Carolina... and gosh... there just happened to be a "hurricane" going on in her area! But as soon as she was able to get on the computer, she did write, and put me in contact with a rehabber in Ohio. Pam, we are sooooo glad to know that your family is safe!!!!! There may be many other reasons a rehabber can not contact your right away... If this happens, the best thing you can do is give the baby WATER and keep em warm. Younger ones will need to be feed the water with syringes, eye droppers or baby animal bottles... when very young they will not be able to drink from a bowl.

During an evening feeding... we noticed... Snickers has started to open his eyes. One eye, nearly wide open now! Because of the information we found on the internet, this places his age at about 5 weeks old. We put Snickers in a larger housing area... which he seems to love! He is not up on all 4 legs, rather he scoots himself along using more of the strength from his front legs. Every now and then you can see him try to stand up on all 4s... right now, still loosing out to "balance" he topples over. But we feel at this rate, it won't be long before he is standing and running around his new house. (His new house is a dog medium/large sized ... they call them an animal carrier) ...from what I've been learned... this area will be way to small as soon as he starts to move around better!


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