August 31, 1998...
Today I decided to take Snickers outside to view... trees... grass... the sunlight! The first tree I placed him in, it was not a NATURAL feeling to him... he let out such a cry! He had nothing to fear, my fingers were ALWAYS right there. But once Snicker got the hang of it... he SUCKED on every bit of the tree bark he could find... YOU thought he would climb it? Naaaaah! As you can see in these photos, he wanted to EAT it!

You can't see my hands in the photos... that's because I used a graphic editor and took them out so you could see only Snickers, but they were always there holding him. Snickers is too young to be climbing trees... baby squirrels usually don't leave their nest until they are about 9 weeks old.

The grass must have tickled his nose, he kept making his sneezy noises as he walked along. His second eye is just starting to open... big beautiful black eyes they have! We are learning that Snickers does have a voice... we were awoke in the early morning (on Sunday) by these high pitched sounds! I thought it was my alarm clock... but nope, Snickers telling us it was time to wake up and FEED HIM! As soon as his breakfast was finished, he curled back up and went to sleep. I couldn't fall back to sleep... but Snickers was snoozing away!

We peeled and cut a nice size apple and put this and Maple Tree branches in his house yesterday... he walked away from the apple, but went straight to the maple leaves for a lil' bunch on one of the leaves. Today, I will make him a nesting box to put in his cage area. I will use a small cardboard box and cut a small hole for an opening that he can get in and out of during the night. Right now he has gone under the tee-shirts after his last feeding of the day.

Snickers loves his formula... Puppy "Just Born" milk is given to him right now. We had to start using an eye dropper (which gives me better control on limiting how much formula he takes in for each swallow... srynges are on their way!!!) for his feeding as he was trying to gulp down the formula so fast that it was causing bubbles to come from his nose. This can be very dangerous for these lil' guys and could cause pneumonia... and we don't want that!

Later we will add berries, and nuts to his diet (there are many other things too that will need to be added, like dandelion greens... we do not fertilize or put weed killer on our grass... so we have plenty of those to share... so much so... we could share em with the world!)... only adding them a lil at at time so as not to upset his belly. Fox Squirrels LOVE fruit. Snickers may have walked away from the apple when I put it in his house... but he did go back later for a nibble. We will get him use to things he will be able to find from the area where he'll be released.

Because he was born this time of the year, he'll need to be winterized until the Spring. ...this is because the food he will need, won't be available to him by the time he is old enough to go out on his own. Babies born earlier, have already found their territory, know what foods are available, and started to eat, and store food for the winter months.


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer