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Squirrel - Snickers

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baby in palm of hand
Guessing from photos we found on the net, he is about 4 weeks old.
His eyes are not open, and this photo is just about the size he is.

Baby Fox Squirrel
...we call him "Snickers"

Found: August 26, 1998     Released: June 29, 1999

holding baby close up of face in his bed holding baby

About Snickers | Squirrel Wallpaper | Squirrel Links | Days with Snickers
NEW FREE Squirrel Wildlife Screen Saver!

We do not intend on keeping Snickers as a pet...
we will care for him until his release in the Spring.


Squirrel Wallpaper

"A Cage is no place for Wildlife!"
This is Snickers... we know why Snickers is in a cage. Some people
want to keep Squirrels and other wildlife animals as pets. Please... if
you have a wildlife animal... and it is healthy, and able to live in the wild...
let em go back to their natural home... back to the wild!

squirrel found basket find nuts black squirrel
Click on the photo to go to the larger photo we took. You can use this photo for your computer's desktop wallpaper... once the larger photo is loaded onto your screen... pc users, click on the photo with your right mouse button, then select to SET AS WALLPAPER. The second photo, the one in the basket... that's Snickers! The others we took during some of our trips.

Kid's BEFORE you do this, ask your parents first if it's okay!

FREE Squirrel Wildlife Screen Saver

Win95, 98 & WinNT Download: squirrel.exe [about 1,4kb] Registration Price: FREE! Watch as these cute squirrels appear on your computer's screen. These are photos of squirrels that have been released back to the wild after being cared for by some very special people... those that love them enough, to let the squirrels go back to the wild!


Screen Saver made possible by: Nonda Surratt -email, Pam Spragins -website, Ann Hamilton, Jim & Pat Isaacs -website, & Loraine Wauer


If you need information, doing a search on the internet is a great way to find out what you may need to know! Here are a few pages on squirrels that helped us with information on (baby) squirrels:

Squirrels do not have cheek pouches, granted some rodents do but not squirrels, it gets down to different species. Just like fox and gray squirrels are completely different species of squirrel. Baby squirrels will venture out of the nest for short bits at about 8 to 9 weeks old but mom is still close by, mom will nurse them till 10 weeks of age. They are on their own shortly after that although Sis's (one of Nonda's squirrels that was released June '97) were still in the nest box at 12 weeks. Average life span for a squirrel in the wild is about 4 to 5 years providing they survive the first year which is the most critical... information from Wildlife Rehabber, Nonda

Read more from Nonda... Spring of the Fox Squirrel

Squirrels are part of the rodent family... related to chipmunks, woodchucks and prairie dogs. Their 4 front teeth (2 on the bottom, and the 2 on the top) continue to grow during their entire life.

Our Life with Snickers...
* Pages have photos of Snick's growth

holding baby       Growing

...from Baby to Back to the Wild

Aug 26 | Aug 27 | Aug 28 | * Aug 31 | Sept 1 | Sept 3 | * Sept 5 | Sept 8 | Sept 11 | * Sept 28 | * Sept 29 | * Oct 26 | * Nov 14 | * Nov 21 | Dec 8 | * Dec 26 | * Feb 1

Starting to let go... Release back to the Wild
May 2 | * May 18 | * May 28 | * June 29 | * July 11

Click here to hear Snickers talk!
This is just a SHORT version of what he has to say!

Snickers makes a Movie!

August 26, 1999
Exactly one year later... from the day we first found Snick... and wondered then if he would make it... we are pleased to say that he is surviving just fine... and seems to be enjoying his return to the wild. Snick stays up in the front area of our yard, so we don't get to see him very often. But when we do... the pleasure is all ours as we watch him "show off" with with his new found friends!

How can we tell it is him? On his tail, he had lost about 4 inches of fir (how? we are not sure... it may have happened during the time he got his toe hurt. We were so concerned with the toe, that we didn't notice the missing fir on his tail) with this, we can tell which squirrel is our sweetie Snickers! We can tell this no matter how far away he is, or how high he climbs that tree! Next year, it may be harder to pick him out... but I have a feeling, we will be able to know which is Snick by his by some of his silly actions/habits that he picked up while living in our home.

Let me tell you... Snick has made friends... and he is flying from tree to tree... from limb to limb... it is fantastic to watch him romp about! None of which he would be able to do it he were in his cage. So yes, I do miss him being right here next to me... but I am very happy we let him go back to the wild... seeing him now... he looks very happy! ...yeap, I think Snick has found himself a "girlfriend!"


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer