December 8, 98
Okay... I'd like to know WHO taught Snickers how to TEE-PEE the bathroom? Unreal! I left Snickers alone in the bathroom for a few short minutes... when I returned he had taken the roll of toilet paper that was on the back of the toilet... and ran it ALL over the bathroom! It was amazing how the "roll" stayed in place... but the paper was strung from one end of the bathroom, all the way to the other!

Now that Snickers has become use to the bathroom... he feels he can have the run of the entire room! He jumps from one area to the other, sometimes using "me" as he tree! He does this lil' hop jig thing as he prances about. Too funny to watch! I'm waiting for the day that he zooms across the counter and slides right into the tub with me! ...I don't think that would be very funny... for Snickers, or for me!!!

Another game we play, is called "hide the nuts." I place a few nuts around the room... to see if Snickers can find them. So far, he has found every single one of them! Good Boy!!! Most of the time, he is not hungry... instead he is much too interested in running the room... so he takes and hides them. The "dirt" is limited to a few plants... so he hides his find in "my" shirt! Some of the toilet paper from his "tee-pee" episode is waded up in there now too. Every time he goes into the bathroom, this is one of the first places he checks... to make sure "I" didn't get into his food. Once he has taken everyone of them out, he puts them all back... then with his paws flying back and forth... he covers the nuts back up again.

When Snickers is out, he is like a 2 year old.... you have to keep up with him. It's NOT so easy to do! He is into everything he shouldn't get into... and you are forever picking up things he is dropping, knocking over... or getting his face into! I caught him trying to eat the SOAP... yuk! Mr. Bubbly mouth for sure if I had let him eat that! ...and to think... this is all in needed exercise to get him ready for his run in the woods when it is time to release him.


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer