February 1, 1999

There goes ANOTHER plant... Snick does enoy his plants! He eats some of the dirt... dirt is a good part of their diet. But... I think he knew this was my LAST good plant... he ran to the other side of the bathroom... and put his hands over his head... as if to say "I'm sorry!" Actually... he was washing off the dirt... and I just happened to snap the picture in this pose... and tried to make it seem as if he was sorry... but really we know... Snick was just BEING A SQUIRREL! Too Cute!!!!

Well... it finally happened! I was sitting in the bath tub... and up jumped Snickers! He paused for a second... and JUMPED right in the bubbly water! As he jumped, my hands swooped up... he caught the palms as he dunked right under the water! My hands came up... and he jumped half way across the room! I sure wish I had the video tape rolling... it was too funny! He rolled on the carpet... jumped to the towel bar and rubbed his fir from one end to the other!

The next day... I was cleaning up a mess he had made (YES... another mess!), Snick chewed the top off of one of my liquid soaps! The soap covered my entire counter top. I pushed the soap into our two sinks... and Snickers decided HE wanted to see what was going on. He hurtled the 1st sink... but ... slid right into the second sink! Soap Bubbles ALL over... again, I wish I had the video tape running! You would have loved seeing Snick covered from head to toe in "white!"

During a visit to the Detroit Zoo, we found the Black Squirrel sitting in the same area as he was before (the black squirrel pictured above in the Wallpaper area). We decided to look for his (or her???) nest... we found 3 nests in the area. Some squirrels build their nest high up in trees. If you look close enough you can see they use leaves wound around branches and twigs. The one to the left... it was built right on the side on the tree.


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