June 29, 1999
Snick's foot is healing very well... and we knew the time had come to let Snick get on with his life as a squirrel. Saying "good-bye" to Snick was not so easy... tears do come quickly when you've spent a great deal of time with such a lil' "NUT" like Snick!

We cut an opening in Snick's cage, just large enough for him to crawl in and out of. Once Snick decided it was time to come out... we played in the yard a bit... then he was off to hunt down the nearest tree... his problem was... there are so many trees here, he didn't seem to know which ONE he wanted to make as his first.

release-june-29-99.jpg - 9684 Bytes release2-june-29-99.jpg - 6362 Bytes release3-june-29-99.jpg - 4802 Bytes problem was... once Snick did pick a tree... I was all in jitters while watching to make sure he learned his "climbing" lessons well! Snickers was much to high for me to keep my hands on him like I did when he was just a lil' guy. He was now on his own... and it was great seeing that his climbing technique was perfect! He found his way up... along the smallest of branches he held a great grip! Snick even took time out to grab some goodies to munch on! The skinny photo... he is hanging by his hind legs on one of the branches... while he is filling his face... eating... bark, leaves, berries... yum yum!!!

We may never see Snick again... he is a boy... and boy squirrels tend to wonder off to find a "girl-friend" ... but we think one day he will return... maybe... like the raccoons do... with family and all! For now, I'm not so sure finding a girl friend is on Snick's mind... nope... for Snick.. he is thinking about his belly... and filling it full of yummy food from the woods! ....and exploring... yes, Snick was running around checking out everything! It did appear that Snick was very happy to be out of his cage... he was now able to be a "real squirrel" ... kiss kiss Snick!


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer