May 2, 1999
Well... it is Spring! We are preparing Snickers for his return to the wild... and preparing ourselves for "letting go." It was planned to move Snicker's cage outside last week... but it rained nearly every day. But today was beautiful and sunny... so out went Snicker's cage. He ran around wondering... "what is this?" We've never moved his house before... with him in it.

As I got closer to the door... you could see Snicker's nose just a wiggling smelling that fresh air. Then he rushed back into his house. I wasn't sure he was liking all this. I set everything back up... his water bottle, his food dish... and I sat down beside the cage.

It didn't take Snickers very long to poke his nose out the hole of his house... and he had that lil' nose just a moving. Before I knew it... out he popped. He was running around the cage like a wild man... wild... squirrel! You could tell he was loving this country air!

Meanwhile... my own thoughts came rushing in. Just today when I was out, I saw a squirrel laying dead beside the road... and I thought about just keeping Snickers safely tucked away in his cage for the rest of his life. But all it took was a quick look around the yard... I KNOW Snickers will LOVE all those trees! He would love to live the rest of his life jumping from branch to branch... and munching ALL THOSE LEAVES!

A couple weeks ago, the leaves started to pop out... this meant that the time was getting close for us to start thinking about getting Snickers ready for his release. I bought in a few branches of leaves, and seeds. Snickers gobbled them up in no time at all... and looked at me like "well... where's the rest... I WANT MORE!"

I can just see Snick when we open that cage door... I can picture him running straight to the trees... and within ... oooooo I'll say 15 minutes... laying on his back with this big belly all filled up like a big huge balloon from eating so much great food! That sure would look silly!

Tonight is Snickers first night "outside." I've already checked on him 10 times... and it's nearly 3 hours since it's gotten dark. Snick is doing just fine... and he seems, even in the dark, to be loving every minute of it.


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer