Nov 14....

peek-a-boo brush your teeth new home

Today it was time to put Snickers in a new home... we knew the time would be soon that he would need a new BIGGER home... but today Snickers decided to SHOW us he wanted a new home! He chewed a small hole, just big enough to squeeze his way out of the dog carrier! The house went in to a bit of an... animal chase! Cats, Dogs... and Snickers EVERYWHERE!

Finally he came back into the computer room, I sat down in my chair... and up jumped Snickers! He just gave me a look like... hey, what's the big deal! I just wanted to stretch my legs and play! Putting him back in house was the chore now, he liked his freedom, and DID NOT want to go back in that dinky lil' cage! ...and he told me all about it! Chitter, chatter, chip, CHIP! He'd much rather be in the big forest... scattering from tree to tree!!

We sealed up the hole in the dog carrier, and ran up to the store to find "something" we could use for his new home. We decided that something made of wire would be good, no more plastic stuff for Snick! ...and there it was... a bunny rabbit cage! We bought 2 of them, one with a bottom catch all dish, and the other just the cage. Roger put these together one on top of the other. PERFECT! Roger did a great job on this 3 foot tall house!

Now to test the house on Snickers... to see if HE approved! We put all of Snickers things in the new housing area... his nesting box, his logs, his food dishes and all of his toys! At first he just clung to the side of the cage... and looked around. This lasted about... oh... 15 minutes. Then he took off... up and down, and this way and that way... bounce-in from wall to wall! Over and under... a lil' jump here, a big stretch there... and soon you could tell that Snickers was enjoying his new home!


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer