Oct 26...

upclose hi-ya towel bar walk

Play time! Yeaper... Snickers LOVES to play! Every day I take Snickers into the bathroom (it's a large room so he has lots of room to run, bounce, jump, skip, hop, climb... and the door stays shut so the other animals stay out!). He is doing really good... the photos are dark... but you can see that all of his hair has grown back, and his tail is one big fluffy mass of fir! Beautiful! can also see by the first photo here... he has become a camera buff! Smile Snickers!

This time, I decided that I would do my bath-time while Snickers was out... that way he would have more time to play. While the water was running... I cleared the room of plants, hanging wires from hair blowers... all the stuff that Snickers could hurt himself with. The entire time Snickers climbed up and down my bath robe... once even sneaking UP my sleeve as I was trying to take a photo! ...yes... that tickled!

The bath went fine... Snickers climbed up the towels, across the bar, over to the news-rack... you get the picture, he was everywhere... and having a great time at it! He even became proud of himself when he learned he could climb UP the ironing board ...Roger will be happy to know that someone in the house uses the ironing board!

All was going well... until it was time to get out... as I dried myself with the towel... up jumps Snickers... guess he missed me not being right there with him, and he wanted to tell me HELLO! Scared the geebers out'a me! I guess to Snickers... I am the "tree!" So he thinks anyway! Silly Boy!

Then... it was time to put him back in his house... man... did he let out such a chatter!!!! Spread eagled his paws... all four of them... and grasped at anything he could hang on to! He did NOT want to go back in! It was like watching a cartoon... hum... wonder if he saw that one on Disney?

Snickers now eats... everything! Fruits, Vegis, Berries, Nuts... you name it... rather... you give it to him, he eats it! Because he is eating good, we will start to take him off his formula soon. Right now, he is still being feed formula twice a day.


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer