in food dish Sept 28...
it seems Snickers has made himself a new "bed" he loves to sleep in his food dish! He curls right up in it... for now, it fits him perfect. A couple of weeks ago, we noticed Snickers scratching alot. We checked him for fleas, but found none. The scratching continued, so we knew something was wrong. It turns out he has mange... poor baby! We took him to one of our local vets last Monday. Snickers received the first of 3 shots he will need. This shot is very hard on an animal's liver and/or kidneys... so we will have to keep an eye on him.

Snickers stays awake more now, crawling, jumping, playing around in his house. When I feed him, I let him stay out a little longer with me before putting him back in his house... he has become alot faster! We've added some apple tree branches to his house... he loves to play on them, and chew on them.

We've added a light bulb that will now replace the natural sun light to help keep Snickers bones strong. Even the sunlight that comes in through the windows is not the same as he would get if he were outside. Our windows have a slight "tint" to them which blocks out what Snickers needs to stay strong.

His diet now consists of broccoli, apples, pears, squash, sweet potatoes, turnip greens and still giving him his formula. As he gets used to one food, then we will continue to give him other foods that will help his diet. We have gathered some nuts we found in our yard... lots of acorns and hickory nuts! Snickers will enjoy these nuts when he is a little bit older. Today I will add some pine needles from our woods to his diet. We'll soon add some dandelion greens, and marigolds (before the frost hits to kill the flowers off! ...oh my... that will be soon if the weather stays cooler!)


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer