Sept 29...
We gave Snickers some pine needles today we got from our woods. I put them in his feed dish... he moved them out... I thought great! he likes them. Hahaha... he moved them out so he could curl up in his dish to sleep! Silly Boy!!! We also added some larger branches along with a couple more twigs from the apple tree. The one larger branch is so that he can crawl up to the hole in his box. The other larger branch we put inside of his house so he can get in and out of his box. He seems to love it! It is fun watching him romp around!

Neither branch sets to far away from the ground (Snickers is still a baby, and we don't want him to get hurt with a fall!)... but don't tell Snickers this... he feels like he is such a big boy now! When it was time for dinner, I thought forsure that I would have to get him out of his box... but Snickers did it all by himself! As soon as the door opened... he ran to the hole and peeked out! He hustled around as if to say "Look at me, "I" can do it!!!"

mange bushy tail eating pear

You can see Snickers in these pictures trying to stand on his hind legs as he eats his piece of pear. After dinner he ran up the one branch and down the other to his box. It didn't take him long to run back out and peek out the hole in his box... as if to say "good-night!" ... so I thought! Then he ran back down the branch picking up all his paper toweling... and adding it to his box to make himself a little nest to sleep in.

If you look at these pictures, you can see the hair that Snickers has lost due to the mange. Most of the bare area is on his head and across his nose. He doesn't scratch as much... not as much as he did before his first shot.


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer