Where did this baby come from?

Living in the country, we come to find baby or injured animals often, for the most part, it is a baby whose mommy was just away for awhile finding food... but this lil' guy came from the city. It is possible that his mom was moving the babies to another location... but sadly, this baby was dropped and left behind. My sister found him in the middle of the road. She moved him off to the side of the road and covered him with leaves... then she came to get me.

We were all visiting my Uncle's house after the funeral of my grandmother, when this lil' guy was found. We watched him for awhile hoping that his mommy would return to get him. When she did not, we found a small box to place him in. His body was cold (even though it was hot and humid out). We found an adult squirrel who had been hit by a car, this may have been the babies mom? ...and that is why she did not return to get this baby... believe me, while sitting there under the leaves, he did cry out very loudly!

When we got him home to our house, we started to feed him water with a bit of karo sryup in it. Placed him in a bed of pine chips and paper toweling. We placed a heat lamp over him (one we used for the baby chickens). Then I got on the internet to see what informtaion I could find out about baby squirrels. I found a page that suggested "Pedialyte" if they seem to be dehydrated. At 2 in the morning I found a store that was open... not only open, but one that also carried pedialyte (in the baby section). This is being feed to him about every 1/2 hour.

Next, I found a wildlife rehabber and emailed them to see what to do next, and to find out what they suggest I should do with him, or if there were a wildlife rehabber who lived near who could take them in. (at that time of the night, I did not call my vet... if the baby had been injured, I may have tried to phone him. But the baby seems to have no injuries).


Photos, graphics and contents copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer