Billy Bear's Playground
Animal Research Project - Observation

Name of Animal - Date - Time of Day - Name of Zoo


What type of habitat does the animal live in?


Is this area suitable for the animal?


How much area does the animal have?


Can the animal stand up... lay down... easily move around?


Is this exhibit give a realistic showing of how this animal would live in the wild?


Does the animal live alone, or do others live with him? ... if yes, how many others?


What does this animal eat?


Is there water for the animals to drink?


Is the area clean?


Is there shade for the animal?


Does the animals look in good health?


Are there signs around? ...if yes, what do they say about this animal?


Comments from the Attendant>


What is the animal doing? ...sleeping, pacing, begging, licking the cage, pulling on it's hair or skin, playing or being aggressive? (some of these actions show us that the animals are not happy being caged)


If there on exhibit baby... what will happen to the baby as it grows? Will the zoo keep the baby? If not, where will this baby go?