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Billy Bear's Playground
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Teddy Bear Clipart

You may use this clipart for your personal non-profit webpages... just add a link
in a way, where others know who created the bear clipart

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Bear Clipart Copyright 2001 Loraine Wauer></a>

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This Clipart may NOT be used in any other clipart collection!

n-erin.gif - 3097 Bytes n-fuzzy2.gif - 3756 Bytes n-mill.gif - 3757 Bytes n-princess.gif - 3627 Bytes n-sig.gif - 5022 Bytes n-soccer.gif - 3281 Bytes
n-spangle.gif - 4413 Bytes n-valentina.gif - 2991 Bytes n-peace.gif - 5046 Bytes n-panda.gif - 4052 Bytes n-valentino.gif - 2428 Bytes n-teddy.gif - 2870 Bytes


Personalized Stationery (starting with top row... left hand side) ... Erin (green bear) | Fuzzy (brown bear) | Millenium (pink bear) | Princess (purple bear) | Signature (brownish/gray bear) | Soccer (green bear) | Spangle (red, white & blue) | Valentina (red bear) | Peace (multi bear) | Fortune (panda bear) | Valentino (white bear) | Teddy (brown bear)

PRINT... then go to the stationery you would like... when the page comes on a little screen will pop up, type in your name. When the page is fully loaded... click on FILE, usually located in the upper left hand corner of your computer's screen, then click on PRINT. When you are done, click on your browser's back button to return to this page.

Teddy Bear Backgrounds ... Erin | Fuzzy | Millenium | Princess | Signature | Soccer | Spangle | Valentina | Peace 1 | Peace 2 | Panda | Valentino | Teddy


...and then... there are MORE Colorful Teddy Bears - Dressed Up Teddy Bears
Bear Lines



Free for personal use only! NOT to be used for profit... if you plan to
use this clipart on a site that makes money (including sites that receive
money for banner ads)... a registration fee is required!
This clipart can not be added to another clipart collection.

Graphics, Photos & Contents Copyright 2001 Loraine Wauer