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Red Eye Tree Frogs- Pictures

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Red Eyed Tree Frog

The Red Eye Tree Frog is from the rainforest area of Central and South America. They have become the symbol used to save the rainforest. They are nocturnal... meaning... they sleep during the day, and awake at night. One of their favorite meals are crickets. Our tree frogs are housed in a glass habitat with special froggy dirt, live plants (free from insecticides), spanish moss and water. We mist their area at least once a day with fresh water. You shouldn't play with these frogs as their skin is very sensitive.


on-tree2.jpg - 9275 Bytes

Because they sleep at night, you have to stay up pretty late to get a picture of these guys playing... and eating. Check out our Tree Frog Wallpaper page.

Dsc01411.jpg - 4997 Bytes
Sleeping on habitat's glass side (daytime).
It's hard to believe that these lil' guys have large red eyes when awake...
here they look like the tree frogs that live in our backyard.
Click to see a larger picture.

feet-tucked-in.jpg - 7599 Bytes
See their lil' red/orange toes? They tuck them under when sleeping.
Their lil' toes work like suction cups.
Click to see a larger picture.

t-waking-up.jpg - 4955 Bytes

Waking up... they do a lot of yawning. They take their hands and rub them several times over their eyes... then they are off to catch dinner! Click to see larger picture.

t-Dsc01429.jpg - 4452 Bytes

Photo just before he grabbed his dinner... cricket crunch!
After eating... he used his hands to wipe his mouth... too cute! Actually, what he is doing is using his hands to push his food into his mouth.
Click to see larger picture.


skin01.jpg - 9614 Bytes skin02.jpg - 7786 Bytes skin03.jpg - 8517 Bytes
A Red Eyed Tree Frog will change it's skin color to blend in with it's surroundings.
When we first turn on the light, the frog is dark... the more we leave the light on...
the lighter green the frog becomes... viola... camouflage.


eye01.jpg - 6444 Bytes eye02.jpg - 7527 Bytes eye03.jpg - 6647 Bytes
The Red Eyed Tree frog has a third eye lid called a nictitating membrane. The purpose of this membrane is to shield the frog's sensitive eyes from various dangers. This eye lid does not completely restrict it's vision.


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Red Eyed Tree Frog
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