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African grey Parrot - Congo

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Roger's Parrot
Congo African Grey Parrot

Bongo's Hatch Date: March 24, 2001
eating.jpg - 17114 Bytes t-baby.jpg - 11428 Bytes
Bongo at 1 month old
Picture on left... time to eat. Being spoon fed.
Click on the photo on the right to see a larger picture.

tail.jpg - 4562 Bytes      tail-4months.jpg - 2651 Bytes      tail-temneh.jpg - 3681 Bytes
An African Grey Parrot is grey... with white around it's eye... and a bright red tail. The tail on the left is Bongo's baby tail (1 month), as he grows... so will his tail... as you can see by the tail in the middle (4 months). The tail on the right is that of a Timneh African Grey.
movie.gif - 1853 Bytes Watch a MPG movie of Bongo being cleaned up after his dinner... hear him talk!

Bongo-2months.jpg - 14016 Bytes
Bongo - 2 Months

3months.jpg - 15017 Bytes
Bongo - 3 Months


african03.jpg - 13133 Bytes african04.jpg - 11308 Bytes

The Congo African Grey Parrot (left) is about 13 to 16 inches and the Timneh African Grey Parrot (right) is about an inch smaller.

Congo... larger - all black beak - red tail feathers

Timneh... smaller - color on upper beak - maroon tail feathers

Cameroon African Grey... not found as often - larger than the Congo, similar in beak and tail color.


One way to tell the estimated age of an African Grey is by looking at their eyes.

1 month old... darker eye, all black to a darker grey iris with black pupil. Usually this color up to 6 months of age.

By the time they reach a year old the grey iris is lighter in color, pupil black.

1 1/2 years old to 3 years old the iris is yellow in color, pupil is black and really stands out. About 3-4 years of age, they will have a light yellow iris.


There has been some evidence that the African Grey can speak over 500 words. The Congo African Grey comes from the central part of Africa, while the smaller Timneh African Grey is along the westren coast of Africa. Both birds are extremely intelligent.




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