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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
Black Bear

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The Black bear is a very good tree climber. They will often sleep where the branches and tree trunk meets together or in dug out hallows (like tree trunks or caves-dens). They can be found living throughout the states, but mainly populate in the northern forest areas and western mountains of the United States and Canada. They will try to stay away from areas where the Grizzly bear lives.

The black bear is omnivorous which means it eats vegetables, fruits, nuts, breads and meat. When the salmon are running, bears become very good fishermen. The Black bear has poor eyesight and acute hearing, but a very good sense of smell. They are most active at night... we found Black bears in the early morning, and dusk going through the garbage.

Bears may appear to be cute and cuddly... but they can become very dangerous. It is best to watch the bear... but do not feed the bears as they may become use to this and expect it.

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Watch a Black bear swim MPG Movie

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Watch as two Black bears fight in the water MPG Movie

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The color of the Black bear can vary... to light white-beiges, to browns, to black tones

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Click on the picture to view larger photo.
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