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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
Polar Bear

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The PolarBear
Polar Bears Play
MPG Movie

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Taking the plunge into the cold Arctic waters at Toledo Zoo.

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Polar Bears Swimming
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The Polar Bear is from the Arctic area of the world... very cold! The blubber on his body helps to keep him warm. His white hair color, is actually transparent. The color helps him to blend in with the snow, making him hard to see. The polar bear's skin is dark and draws in the heat from the sun.

The polar bear usually walks hundreds of miles every day... this is one reason why you see them pace while in the zoo. For this reason, some say it is not good to keep the polar bears in captivity.

One of the favorite meals of the polar bear is seals (pictured below). They will sit near an air hole, and wait until the seal comes up for air. They have also been seen eating Beluga white whales (pictured below).

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The polar bear's front paws are webbed, making them strong swimmers. They have been known to swim for 60 miles without stopping to rest.

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Twins at Toledo Zoo

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Swimming at Cleveland Zoo

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