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Zoo Animal WallPaper

for your Computer's DeskTop

sound key dolphin.wav

Click on the Animal Photo that you like, and it will take you to the 640x480 picture. Once you are on the page with the full size picture, PC users, using Netscape3.0 and Internet Explorer browsers... RIGHT CLICK with your mouse button and select to SET AS WALLPAPER.

We were excited when they picked Loraine to interact with the Dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo! She got to pet Nova!!! But before she got to pet him, she had to answer a few questions about Dolphins... we all had our fingers crossed that she would get them all right! ...SHE DID!!!

Q: Is a Dolphin a fish or mammal? A: Mammal

Q: What to Dolphins eat? A: About 20 lbs of fish a day! Wow, that's alot of fish!

Q: On a Dolphin, which is the Dorsal Fin? A: The one right up on his back. It is used to help the Dolphin steer his way through the waters.

Q: Does a Dolphin's tail go up and down, or back and forth? A: Up and down as he swims through the water!

Thanks to a great Dolphin keeper at the Indianapolis Zoo... Angela helped us to get some great shots of the Dolphins!!! Thank You Angela!!!

Dolphins Image Map

Larger Animal Wallpaper


Free for use on your personal computer's desktop only. They
are not to be used for profit, added to any collection or placed
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Contents & Photos Copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer