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You may use this clipart for your personal non-profit webpages... just add the required link on the pages where the artwork is being used. If you are a site who makes money, or intends to make money, including sites that have banner ads... visit our registration page for prices.

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<a href="http://www.billybear4kids.com/">
Background Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus></a>

Tiled Backgrounds... you can save the backgrounds here... you may also click on the backgrounds to view what they will look like on a web page.

halo-tile.jpg - 3724 Bytes clubby-heart-tile.jpg - 4410 Bytes
glory-tile.jpg - 3418 Bytes mill-brush2.jpg - 3933 Bytes


Side Backgrounds... do not save these thumbnails... click on them to view and save the background.

t-halo-side.jpg - 6315 Bytes t-clubby-side.jpg - 3635 Bytes t-glory-side.jpg - 7075 Bytes t-mill-side.jpg - 8380 Bytes t-mill-side2.jpg - 5929 Bytes t-lamb-side.gif - 13042 Bytes t-spangle-side.jpg - 6189 Bytes


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