Beanie Shopping in Chicago
Ty-rrific for W.H. Smith

While traveling to Chicago to visit the aquarium and zoos for wallpaper photos... we decided to take a trip to the airport to see what the new Ty Shop had to offer. The prototype of the different Beanies were great to see... it was like visiting a tiny Beanie Museum!

Prices on the current Beanies were $5.99... when we asked about Princess... we were told that they had her awhile ago, and she was sold for $19.99. We were disappointed to find only the currents available... no new releases, no hard to find Beanies (except for Curly!!!) were available.

Photos are one thing... but if you are ever in the Chicago area stop by for a visit! Not only was this shop easy to find... Terminal 3 Parking Lot C... it was exciting to see these prototypes in "real life!"


Photos Copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer-Ferus