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Bookmark Machine
Oval Photo Version

sideshot.gif - 53139 Bytes Add your own photo to the oval area in each bookmark.

Create many many personalized bookmarks! We've included over 40 bookmarks... you add which graphics you want, or which photos... then add your own text. There are 18 photo bookmarks... and several graphic bookmarks for you to pick from.

Add your own personalized text... family names... poems... your favorite phrases. We've given you over 300 phrases to help you come up with ideas to use on your bookmarks.

Give the bookmarks to your friends (they make great gifts!)... use them for your own readings... or sell them to make extra cash. There is an area for you to add your company name.

BookmarkSample.gif - 10397 Bytes Start with a digital photo... crop it down to 150x200 pixels... insert it in the bookmark. Add your own text. Print the bookmark (we like to use heavy stock paper). You can print in two different sizes by printing in landscape or portrait settings.

Once printed... fold the bookmark in half. Trim the edges. Laminate the bookmark. Punch a hole near the top... then add a tassel. We like to use home made yarn tassels... or pretty silk ribbon with a pretty bow.

During the summer... we collect tiny flowers from our garden. We press them in our very large heavy books... this gives us great natural items to add to our bookmarks come fall. We put just a bit of glue on the back of the flower and place them on the bookmarks. Let this dry (a couple hours, or overnight)... then laminate the bookmark.

Bookmarks make grand gifts! ...add them to the cards you mail at Easter... Christmas!
They make great Teacher gifts! ...or teachers can make them for their students.

Price: $12.95


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