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Mouse Over JavaScript

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This is the JavaScript I use for my "Mouse-Over" buttons. It was created by Stefan Koch from Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript. For more help with MOUSE OVER, be sure to visit Mr. Koch's website. Please do not ask me for help, the only thing I know is what I am sharing with you here. Mouse Overs add fun, interative play for your visitors!

Cut and Paste this to your HTML.
This part goes between the HEAD and TITLE area of your HTML. The only part you need to change... where it says IMAGE1.gif and IMAGE2.gif... put the names of your graphic there. You won't need to change anything else!

This is the second part of the JavaScript. This one goes where you want the graphic to show up. Don't forget to change the IMAGE1.gif to the name of your graphic.

I like this script because it works for all browsers that allow you to view and use "Mouse Over" buttons, and error messages don't pop up for the browsers that do not read Mouse Over scripts. Netscape 3 & Netscape 4+... and IE4 browsers read Mouse Over scripts.

Be sure to visit our main Clipart Page for FREE Mouse Over buttons!

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