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Royalty Free Photographs

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Royalty Free Photographs

DSC00349.jpg - 6290 Bytes DSC00366.jpg - 5312 Bytes DSC00372.jpg - 6054 Bytes DSC00373.jpg - 6831 Bytes DSC01779.jpg - 5283 Bytes DSC01780.jpg - 5574 Bytes DSC01786.jpg - 5738 Bytes DSC03150.jpg - 5809 Bytes DSC03152.jpg - 5315 Bytes DSC03199.jpg - 7445 Bytes DSC03239.jpg - 5578 Bytes DSC03249.jpg - 5140 Bytes DSC03273.jpg - 6599 Bytes DSC03348.jpg - 6673 Bytes DSC03446.jpg - 6287 Bytes DSC04177.jpg - 4603 Bytes DSC04659.jpg - 5381 Bytes DSC04699.jpg - 6151 Bytes DSC04790.jpg - 5024 Bytes hippo-r8.jpg - 5829 Bytes Mvc-004l_42.jpg - 5675 Bytes MVC-006F.jpg - 6639 Bytes Mvc-011l.jpg - 5897 Bytes MVC-012L.jpg - 4292 Bytes Mvc-882l.jpg - 4939 Bytes


25photos9.95.gif - 3324 Bytes Each Collection is 800x600 in size (printed... it would be about a 5x7). There are 25 photos to each collection which sell for $9.95. The collections are zipped (for faster download)... you will need a unzip program to open. Photos are in .jpg format.


PayPal - Water & Sky 3 Photographs - $9.95

Payments to be made through PayPal... once the transaction has gone through... we will email you the url for the download. Buy online... download online... no waiting for snail mail... you won't have to wait to get your projects started!

Suggestions for use... Iron Ons for shirts, cups, mousepads with your business, internet website, or logo to promote your business like those found on Cafe Press. Resize them and make your own Greeting Postcards for your visitors to send online... add your own words... or website address. Make your own Jigsaw Puzzles using one of the great programs you can find on the internet... like Jigsaws Galore by David Gray! Use NeoBook or similar program and create Storybooks... magizines ... or other programs using your business name to bring people to your site... give them away... or... make money by selling your programs online. Print the photos... matt them... frame them... give them as gifts... or sell them.

License to Use:Purchase of the Royalty Free Photographs gives you the right to use the photos for non profit... and profit projects. They may be used for newsletters, brochures, reports, promotional and advertising campaigns, products for resale, software, editorial work such as nespapers, books, and magizines created by the individual who purchases the photos.

They may not be redistributed individually or as a clip art or photographic collection... meaning... you may not take and resell these collections. The usage rights are not transferable and are only granted to the person that purchased them. The copyright to the photographs remain with Loraine Wauer.




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