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Testing the St.Patrick's Mouse Trail

If you'd like to use this Mouse Trail... Copy and Paste this script (exactly as you see it) to your web page. It needs to be placed between your  <HEAD>   </HEAD> .If you want to use a different picture, then you will have to change the T1=new Array (where the listing for the pictures are). Do not change anything else in the script. Put the html page in the same directory (file) as your images.

Make sure that you download (SAVE to your computer) all the pictures needed for this script. Return to the MAIN MOUSE TRAIL PAGE.


License to Use...
You may use these lines on your personal web pages. It is required to add this information to each page where the Trail Art is being used.

-------- cut & paste -------

<a href="">Mouse Trail Graphics Copyright © Loraine Wauer Ferus</a>

------- end of cut & paste -------

You can NOT redistribute the artwork by placing or using them in a clipart collection of any sort. You can NOT change or alter any of the lines. You may NOT place or use them on a commercial web site where you intend to make money. Sites that have banner ads and/or have products for sale, are considered a commercial site.


If you can't get the script to work, please do not write asking for help. This is the only information I have is what you are reading here. You may have simply left off a  '  ... or put a  "  instead of a  ' ... just check over the code to make.

If you copied and pasted this script, and it is not running for you on your web page, then you may have copied it wrong ... what you are coping here is exactly the same script that is running this script that you are viewing now (with the exception of that on my page, I also added the directory where my pictures are stored - this has not been added to the script that you've copy and pasted). If you do not see a Mouse Trial on this page... either your browser, or system won't work with this script.

Put the html page and the pictures in the same directory. If you put the images in a different directory (file) then you will have to tell the script exactly where to find those pictures. EXAMPLE: in the same directory you would write:

picture01.gif (or what ever the name of the picture is that you are using)

If you put it in a different directory (file) then if would be written similar to this:


One final suggestion if the script still does not work for you.. make sure that the name of your picture is written EXACTLY as it is written in the T1-new Array section of the script.


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