Christmas Icons & Animated Cursors
These are NOT to be included in any other Clipart, Cursor and/or Icon Collection

Was the night before Christmas and all through the house...
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

...except for the one on your Computer's Desktop!

Animated Mouse Cursor
Download: bbmouse2.ani (zipped format)
Use as the NORMAL cursor

Animated Mouse Timer
Use this one for the BUSY cursor
timer.ani []

Animated Angel Cursor
Use as the NORMAL cursor
angel.ani []

Animated Santa Cursor
Use as the NORMAL cursor
santa.ani []

Animated Snowman Cursor
Use as the NORMAL cursor
snowman.ani []

For Win95, Click on START - next, click on SETTINGS - then, click on CONTROL PANEL. When the screen comes up find NAME OF THE CURSOR YOU DOWNLOADED and click on it. Next click on POINTERS. Click on BROWSE to find where you saved the Cursor [NAME-OF-CURSOR.ani] and click on it. When you are done, click on APPLY and your Mouse should appear as your cursor.

Christmas Icons

You can use the Billy Bear Icons on your WebPage ...or... if you want to use your Icon on your Windows Desk Top... Download the set of Christmas icons. Includes all of the icons shown above in .ico format.

For Win95... To install the Christmas Icons - unzip the file (we use PKWare's unzip program). Next, look at your Computer's Desktop and decide which Icons you want to change. Click on the ICON with your "right" mouse button. Click on PROPERTIES, next click on SHORTCUT, then click on CHANGE ICON. When the screen comes up, click on BROWSE and select the icon you want to use, then click on OK.

We use Microangelo for our a icons and animated cursors. Microangelo also includes an Engineer program that allows you to change your start menu icons, folder icons, cursor pointers and desktop icons all from one location.