Vibunzi Cursor [3k]

Candle Cursor [3k]

For Win95, Click on START - next, click on SETTINGS - then, click on CONTROL PANEL. When the screen comes up find MOUSE and click on it. Next click on POINTERS. Click on BROWSE to find where you saved the Animated Cursor and click on it. When you are done, click on APPLY your new cursor should appear.

To unzip the file ...we use PKWare's unzip program.

Kwanzaa Icons!

15 Kwanzaa Icons that you can use on your computer's desktop! Some of the icons pictured here are also in this download with a transparent background. Download: [about 9k] Registration Price: FREE

To unzip the file ...we use PKWare's unzip program.

Wallpaper for your DeskTop

Click on the Photo that you like, and it will take you to the 640x480 picture. Need a larger size? Once you are on the page with the full size picture, PC users, using Netscape3.0 and Internet Explorer browsers... RIGHT CLICK with your mouse button and select to SET AS WALLPAPER.

African American Holiday Screen Saver & Wallpaper Program!


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