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Taking Photos for Screen Savers & Wallpapers

We use a Sony Mavica MVC-FD91 Digital Camera for most of our photos. We started with the Sony MVC-FD7, and when the FD91 was released we decided to upgrade for larger resolution photos. This gives us nice larger sized photo wallpapers for you to use on your computer's desktop.

To the right, you will see a photo of a tiger we took at the Binder Zoo... click on the different sizes we've created for desktop wallpaper. The 1024x768 is the original size photo from the disk.
prevtiger10.jpg - 4913 Bytes

Original Size

For the past 2 years we've been visiting our local zoos to capture photos of our animal kingdom. One day we would like to venture out to take more photos of our wildlife (other than those we are able to snap in our own backyard). During our short trips, living in Michigan, we have lots of beaches and beautiful sunsets to bring to the net for your non-profit, personal enjoyment.


Taking the photo: For day time... reflections on glass, we use a 52mm Polarizing filter on our Sony camera. The tiger photo above, was behind glass using the polarizing filter. 52mm is one of the standard lens sizes... this gives us lots of options! Visit your local photo shop to see what they have available.

Some have asked how we get the hummingbird's wings not to blur... we've made a close up view of the settings on our Mavica... go check it out.


A day out for photos: We pack our camera, and extras (like disks, and batteries) in a back pack. This makes it easy to carry what we need. For long days out, we use an ice chest (esp if the weather says "possible rain" this helps to protect our stuff!)... we set the ice chest on one of those luggage carts. It's a handle on wheels, you can get them at airports, Walmarts, Kmarts etc.


The Mavica 91... two of them... both broke... LCD screens ZAPped. To fix this... rather just to "look" at the camera cost more money than we wanted to spend. Our camera has changed to the Mavica 95. A step up from the one we used. We now carry our camera stuff in a cooler on wheels. It's great... easy to fold up... pops open to carry all our stuff in it.


We gave up on the Sony Mavica. I still have my Mavica 95... but decided to increase the photo megapixel size. We looked at the new Sony... but... Jan. 2004... we started using a Canon Rebel... digital. Love it! It takes standard lenses... really nice! Just like a 35mm camera. I do like being able to take photos without the expense of developing film. I take way too many practice photos for that. Having the digital camera, I can print the photos I like.



Helpful Info: For viewing and editing (usually resizing, and adding our copyright logo) we use Paint Shop Pro from JASC.

We have our Sony FD91 set to take photos at the 1024x768 resolution. We use Paint Shop Pro to resize the photos to fit the other sized screens (standard sizes are 640x480, 800x600 and 1034x768... there are a few other larger sizes, but we do not create those at this time). Jasc also has another useful program called Image Robot that will resize several pictures at one time... with one click of a button. It's great for resizing the photos and creating the thumbnails (smaller pictures).

To set up our pages... we do some one by one... but we found a couple of great programs at the fCoder site that helps us set up our desktop wallpaper pages. We use their HTMLPublisher Pro for our main wallpaper pages... and their AutoGraphicsHTML to introduce our NEW wallpaper.

To view all of the photos after a days outing... to help us look through 100+ disks of photos quickly... we use ACDSee.


All the photos you see on our site, were taken and copyrighted by Loraine Wauer. Take the time to read the License to Use in each of the areas on our site where the photos are being used.

To learn a bit more about what "wallpaper" is... visit our information page on wallpaper. There you will also find answers to questions we've received.


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