Billy Bear's
Good Deed Club!

All you have to do to join is pick out one of the colorful bunnies. When you've decided which one you want, download em to your computer's hard drive... then upload him to your server. [Click to find out why? is this sooooo important for you to do it that way?] Put em on your webpage, along with your Membership Banner ...use it to link back to Billy Bear's Playground! You can even give your bunny a cool name!

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Now... here is what you have to do to earn CARROTS for your bunny... For every good deed you do, you can come back here and pick another carrot to put on your web page! When you post them on your webpage... YOU MUST give the date you did the good deed, and list what it was you did.

Here are a few ideas for good deeds!

    Helped someone
    Helped someone create a webpage
    Did your Homework
    Helped your sister or brother
    Played with a younger person
    Did your chores
    Did your chores without having to be reminded
    Helped to clean up the yard
    Saw some trash on the sidewalk, picked it up and threw it in the trash can
    Made someone a special gift
    Did "extra" help around the house
    Teach someone NOT TO DIRECT LINK!

NEW Good Deed Certificate to Print!

If you have at least 10 Good Deed Carrots saved up, you can print out this Good Deed Certificate! You can print as many certificates as you wish... just remember for every certificate, you must have done at least 10 good deeds!

This is YOUR club! Have Fun with it...
remember to be HONEST!


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