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Free The PaperDoll Game - Personalized with YOUR Photo.
Business Edition also available.

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MainTitle.gif - 31444 Bytes
Personalized PaperDoll Dress Up Game!

Kid's Note: Ask your parents if it's okay before you download anything from the internet!

ZyiaDoll.gif - 6662 Bytes Works better on faster computers

Download Fee: $2.00
Does NOT work on Vista
Download Fee pays for the bandwidth usage to download.
Registration Fee: FREE for Billy Bear's Visitors
PC Windows Program

Business Edition
Start your own Personalized PaperDoll Business

Your screen's resolution must
be set to 800x600 to print paperdoll correctly.

SidePix.gif - 48827 Bytes Add your own digital photos... and create your own personalized PaperDolls. Create as many PaperDolls as you'd like to play with. With this program, you use your own photo to create... YOU as a PaperDoll.

Use the program to play with the doll... and change the clothes, hair and other items (like necklaces, animals and other fun stuff for your paper doll to play with). You can even print them out, cut them out then play with them. Lots of outfits to pick from... several hair styles to use.

Game Instructions
Download the exe file... remember where you saved it. Run the exe file to install the game. To un-install the game... click on the un-install program in the program files... or go to your Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs button.

SidePix2.gif - 51321 Bytes

As with all games, mom &/or dad should test them first to see how the game is played so they can play along, or teach the lil' ones what the game does, and how it is played... then again... some kids could possibly show parents how to play... smile! I've seen a few lil' ones... they KNOW what they are doing as soon as they set in front of the computer screen.

SidePix3.gif - 39579 Bytes


License to Use: You may use this free program on your personal computer. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media. A review of our program, with a link back to our site for download is welcome. Downloading from another site, is not permitted. Using this program to make money, is not permitted.



Business Edition

Does NOT work on Vista
Start Your Own Personalized Paper Doll Business!

Add child's name... add your own name, or business name to the paperdoll you create.

BusinessEdiition.gif - 55449 Bytes Use this program to create your own Personalized PaperDoll Business... make extra money! With this program you can make and sell the dolls you create.

Comes with the doll (you add the photo face to the doll like in the program above)... then add the hair.

Print out the clothes... 6 page FILLED with outfits. Some to color, some are in color. Hours of full of funfilled fun!

Does NOT work on Vista
Business Edition only $29.95

folder04.gif - 4126 Bytes room.gif - 11744 Bytes Also included is a program where you can create your own paper walls to make a cute folder to house the paperdolls you sell or give as gifts.

puppy.gif - 7450 Bytes
Print a Puppy too... and his house.

Download information will be emailed to you!



Baby Business Edition

BabySample.gif - 42372 Bytes

Personalized Baby PaperDoll... add your own photo for this paperdoll's baby face. Drag and drop the hair and bows. Add the child's name... and your own name, or business name. Sell the paperdolls you make with this program for extra cash. 4 pages of clothes to print (one page you color clothes).

Size shown is the actually size of the baby paperdoll.

Baby Business Edition only $19.95





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