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Growing your own Popcorn - Summer time fun!

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Grow Your Own

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NOTE: It is not good to plant regular eating corn with popcorn!


Plant1.gif - 4420 Bytes If you have limited space... use a large flower pot. Find a safe spot to set the flower pot... make sure it is an area where it won't get knocked over. Make sure it is sitting in an area where you will be able to add water easily. We like to set out pots in the corner of our deck. Fill the flower pot with a layer of rocks... then a layer top soil mixed with peat moss.

dig.gif - 2144 Bytes Look at your seed package... it will tell you how deep to plant your seeds. Our package says to plant 1" to 2" deep. We decided to dig out holes 2" deep.

topviewseeds.gif - 2746 Bytes From the top view... we plant our seeds so they have lots of room to grow. In each hole we put 4 seeds. Once the plant begins to grow... we will watch for a good plant. The strongest of the plants will remain in the pot... the others will be removed.

addBottle.gif - 2678 Bytes An easy way to water is to take a 2 liter plastic pop bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and cut a whole in the bottom (have mom or dad help you with this - we like to use a hot knife to make the hole). The hole should be about the size of a golf ball. Now fill the bottle with water. Loosen the cap so the water begins to come out slowly. Dig a hole in the center of your flower pot... make it big enough so the bottle top fits in it... and so the bottle will be able to stand up on it's own.

bottleWater.jpg - 15530 Bytes

As the water runs out of the bottle... the roots will get wet and your plant is being watered. Refill the bottle each time it runs out... this way you know that the plant is getting enough water. If the plant droops... it needs water. If the plant droops... with a mushy base to the plant... this usually means that it is getting too much water.

corn.gif - 3152 BytesWhen your plants begin to grow... they will use the nutrients that is in the soil. After awhile, the plant will eat all that food that is in the soil... you will need to add more. You can find a good plant food at most of your local stores. In the flower pots... you should feed your plants about every two weeks.

corn2.gif - 3084 Bytes Find a balanced food... look at the numbers on the box. The food will have Nitrogen... this is for the leaf growth. Phosphorous is used to make heathy roots... seeds... fruit and flowers. Then there is Potassium which helps the plants make strong stems.

Keep the flower pot free from weeds... if you see weeds growing in your flower pots... pull them out so they don't use up valuable space for your plants roots or eat up the needed water and food.


If you have a nice sized yard... find a spot with good sunlight. Make sure it is also in an area where it is out of the way of people walking and playing. It should also be located where it can be easy to water. prepare your soil... we pull up the grasses from an area... then mix this soil with Top Soil and that we've purchased.


Watch Me Grow | Seed Package

Visit this link to a fun site... My First Garden


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