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Make your own Bubbles and Ornamental Wire Bubble Maker

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Bubble Recipe
bubbles2.gif - 1274 Bytes bubbles.gif - 1304 Bytes 1/4 cup Liquid Dishwashing Detergent
(Joy, Ajax or Dawn are best)
3/4 cup Water
1-1/2 tbsp Light Corn Syrup

Mix all ingredients. Pour into a small jar and let bubbles settle. Use an old bubble blower to create bubbles all summer long.


Make your own Wire Bubble Maker!

small-wire.jpg - 5202 Bytes
Materials Needed:

Mom and/or Dad
Aluminum Utility Wire (1.6mm wire)
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers

Click on small picture on the right to see a larger picture of the Wire Bubble Maker... get as creative as you want with your Bubble Maker!!! Get silly... the more you add the better the bubbles! Make sure that the Bubble Maker is small enough to fit through the lid of your Bubble Mixture!

View the larger picture for the Wire Bubble Maker when reading these instructions.

wire-twist.gif - 4004 BytesBASE Cut a piece of wire (about 3 feet long). Keep one end straight, about 10 inches (for handle). Then start to bend the wire... I like to work for an X shape (or butterfly shape - as shown here). Once you get the basic shape (leaving the same length you have for your handle)... then twist the two handle parts together.

wire-curl.gif - 9379 Bytes INSIDE SHAPE Cut a second piece of wire, about 2 feet long... with the needle nose pliers, hold one of the ends... roll the wire around around making a "curl" shape. After you've made the curl... work the curl and wire into the base of your Bubble Maker. Weave the wire around the base (see the larger photo to see what we did in the sample). Continue until you have about 10 inches left... twist this around the handle of your base.

Use the needle nose pliers to curl (bend) the end of your handle off so you won't cut yourself on the ends of the wire. For extra pertection you may want to add heavy tape to the end so you won't hurt yourself with the wire ends.

small-wire2.jpg - 11731 Bytes

I like the X shape the best... the bubbles are in lots of different sizes... but the X shape doesn't fit in the jar. For the X shaped bubble makers, I use an old bowl to put the bubbles in. Then I bend the handle of the bubble maker so it covers with bubbles!


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