How to Replace Windows 95 & 98 Desktop Screen Savers

Once you have downloaded a Screen Saver

Save your screen savers to a directory... I recommend that you create a directory for the files you save from the internet... that way you will always know where they are. Many of the questions received ask... "I don't know where I saved my file... can you help" ANSWER: I can not help you find a file that you've saved on your computer's hard drive.

Use a zip program to unzip the file. We use PKWAREs pkzip program. Another good one you can use is WINZIP. Both have downloadable shareware programs you can try.

...with our screen savers, once unzipped... you click on the .exe file... and it self extracts and opens as your screen saver. A lil' screen pops up... it is on this screen you will find out about the registration information, and where to send the registration money to (my address).

Okay... so you want to change the screen saver to a different one...

click start

Click on START (usually located in the lower left corner of your computer's screen on Win95 TaskBar). Next click SETTINGS, then click on CONTROL PANEL.

Control Panel

When this lil' screen pops up, Double Click on DISPLAY.

screen saver screen

This screen is a bit smaller than the one you will see... on the top of the screen you will see tabs, Background, SCREEN SAVER.... and so on. You want to click on the SCREEN SAVER. Under the word Screen Saver... click on the lil' arrow and scroll to find the screen saver you want to use.

Settings... this will pop up our screen saver information... this includes our registration information and where to send the registration to (my address). You can also set a password here, and turn on or off the sound. Not all the screen savers come with sound.

Preview... lets you preview the screen saver. This is a great way to select which screen saver you want to view.

You can also set the minutes to wait until your screen saver plays once you've stopped using your computer.

Once you have selected the screen saver you want... click on APPLY (at the bottom) then click on OK.


Contents Copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer-Ferus

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