How to Replace Windows 95 & 96 Desktop Wallpaper

From your browser...

from browser

When you find a picture you want to save for your wallpaper using Netscape or IE (Internet Explorer), RIGHT click with your mouse... a lil' screen like the one shown here will pop up. Click on SET AS WALLPAPER. ...and that's it! Done! When you view your computer's desktop, you will see the new picture!

For Netscape users... you will find this wallpaper picture in your WINDOWS directory. It will be called NETSCAPE.BMP.

For IE users... you will find this wallpaper picture in your WINDOWS directory. It will be called INTERNET EXPLORER WALLPAPER.BMP

If you want to save this picture, you will want to RENAME the wallpaper... every time you set a wallpaper using the Netscape or IE browsers, your older selection will be over-written while replacing it with the new picture you've selected to use for your wallpaper.

If you don't ... then follow the next steps... or if you want to hand set your wallpaper, the following would be the steps you would take.

One big mistake people make is that they do not click on the picture... they click... near it, beside it... your cursor has to be ON THE PICTURE.


From your computer...

click start

Click on START (usually located in the lower left corner of your computer's screen on Win95 TaskBar). Next click SETTINGS, then click on CONTROL PANEL.

Control Panel

When this lil' screen pops up, Double Click on DISPLAY.

Background Screen

When the screen pops up (this is a smaller screen than what you will see, we reduced it here so it would load faster onto your screen), at the top, where the tabs are... you will see BACKGROUND... make sure this is open (usually it is already set to open on Background). See the area that says WALLPAPER... scroll down to find the picture you want to use.

If you picture is saved in your WINDOWS directory, it will show up here. If you don't see the wallpaper you want to use, or if you've saved it to a different directory, click on BROWSE, it will pop another screen where you can locate where your wallpaper picture was saved.

Once you have your wallpaper selected, then click on APPLY, then click on OK. When you view your computer's desktop screen, the picture should be there.

It is a good idea to create a directory where you will always save what you find on the internet to use... that way you will always know where it is at. It is also a good idea to create a .txt (text) file to write down where you got the stuff from that you've saved. This is a task... but should be done to avoid any legal copyright laws... You'll be able to refer to your text file to help you locate the things you save and use. While on the site you should check on Copyright and/or Legal License to Use information.


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