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Birthday Party Themes

[Party Sheet Picture] ... you will see this phrase used many times on this page. These are the Project Sheets that you will find on the Themes page that you pick to use for your Party!

We're having a Party...

Party Invitations - Print, then cut out the invitations for the Party. Set the date for the party... then mail out the invitations.

Party Hats - Print out the Hat Pattern, then trace it onto poster board or construction paper. (Paper should be thick so it will hold up better for your party) We have also included a Balloon Covered Party hat that you can print on thicker paper, or glue it to the poster board or construction paper.

Once you have the hat cut out, put some glue on the "right side" of the tab. Then fold the hat over and glue together. Use paper clips to hold in place until the glue has dried.

Cut elastic string about 10 to 12 inches in length (use your child's head to give you an idea of the length to cut), and tape those to the marks shown on the pattern.

Pattern Sheets - Print out these sheets. Cut them out and paste them to the Party Hats. You will find other ideas below under Party Ideas area.

Party Ideas...
Party Favor Bags - Paste the pictures from our Party Sheets onto a paper lunch bag. The lunch bag can be filled with party favors for your guests. You can add our printable game sheets to this bag.

Game Sheets - Print out the game sheets... roll them into a tube... then put ribbon, or yarn around them. Put the game sheets into the party bags. You can hand out the game sheets also to play at the party.


party-bag-idea.gif - 4778 Bytes
Drop the [Party Picture Stix] in the bag (or large mouth jar) - This game is played like the game "Drop the Cloths Pins in a Bottle" For this game, you print out the Party Sheet (as many as you think you'd like to use). You will need two pictures for each one. Cut the pictures out... lay one picture down (good side down) and paste a popcycle stick onto it. Then glue the other picture to it. You can either kneel on a chair or stand over the bag (or jar)... now try to drop the Party Stix into the bag (or jar).

You can make a few extra Party Stix and add them to the cupcakes (push the popcycle stick into the top of the cupcake)... in your potted plants... anywhere around the room to help decorate the Party Theme throughout the party area. You can even add a couple of the Party Stix to your Party Favor Bag.

You may also use the TicTacToe print outs to make these Party Stix.


party-stix.gif - 3194 Bytes

More Ideas...

On our Butterfly Page, you will find instructions for a Butterfly Mobile... use the Party Sheets of your choice to make matching party decorations to hang over your table.

Take the Party Sheet Pictures... cut out enough so that everyone can have one... on the wrong side of the party sheet picture, mark one with a smile face. Have each of the guests pick one out of a Party Bag... the one who gets the smile face wins the game.

Pin the [Party Sheet Picture] on the BullsEye - Make up a large bullseye board using poster board (you can also use the party sheet pictures to decorate your bullseye playing board). Cut out enough Party Sheet Pictures so everyone has one. Put a piece of double sided tape on the party sheet picture... blind fold a party guest... spin them slowly... then have them place the party sheet picture onto the bullseye... the one who gets their party sheet picture closest to the bullseye wins.

placemat.gif - 2544 Bytes Place Mat... use the Party Sheet Picture of your choice and paste them to a piece of construction paper. You can set a few of these around the room, or make enough so everyone has one.

Buy plain paper cups and paste the Party Sheet Picture of your choice onto the cup... use rubber bands to hold in place while the glue dries.

Roll paper napkins... then roll the Party Sheet Picture of your choice around the napkin... use tape to hold in place. When I don't have lots of free time, I stack the napkins on the table and put one of the Party Sheet Pictures on top of the stack.


Our work is not Public Domain. It is copyrighted original work by Loraine Wauer-Ferus. The License to Use is provided so you may print any of these pages for your own personal party at no cost to you. None of our work may be distributed or added to any collection for profit, or non-profit projects.


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