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Christmas Stationery make for gifts, or for your own use to send to friends.

Snowman | Snowflakes | Reindeer

Click on the Stationery you would like to print. When you get to the page, a little screen will pop up... in that screen type in the name you want to add to the Stationery.

To print your stationery... click on FILE (usually located in the upper left hand corner of your screen)... click on PRINT. Most computers also have a PRINT SETUP button, you can click on that to remove all of the extra headers that will print... this way you will get a nice clean print without all that extra stuff on it).

When you are done printing the stationery you want, then click on your BACK button to return to this page.

finished.gif - 2246 Bytes To use as a gift for Christmas... Print out a few sheets of stationery. Tie a pretty bright colored ribbon around them. You can even add a few envolopes. Grandma loves gifts like this! ... so do Moms and Aunts... and Dads and Uncles!



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