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Let's Learn About Animals
    Our Backyard Friends...

    In the winter... food is not found so easily for our wildlife friends. You can help by setting out bird seed, nuts and left over vegetables. You can buy (or make) feeder stands to set up in your backyard... set them in a place where you can watch through your windows when the animals come to eat!

    Michigan Winter Birds! If you would like to help your animal friends and watch the "magic" they bring to your backyard... see how you can make some really simple bird houses and feeders! ...they will love you for it! Take our Michigan Birdy Quiz and check out our Birdy Desktop Wallpaper... photos taken out our front window!

    Bunny Rabbits! Cute little bundles of fir! Often times when you visit our home... you can see the bunny rabbits jumping from place to place! Most of the time, their babies are hidden deep in our woods... but sometimes we come across a nest of baby bunny rabbits in our uncut tall grass. Mommy bunny is no where to be found! Uh-Oh... does this mean that the babies are now orphans? Read this to find out more helpful information from a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Pat Isaacs.

    Snickers... we found a baby Squirrel what did we do? This baby was an orphan... we took him into our home... NOT to keep as a pet, but to help him survive and learn how to live once again out in the wild! See how Snickers became part of our family!

    Zorro... our Raccoon! Released back to the wild 3 years ago! He still visits us... with... MORE baby raccoons he collects on his way! Smile! Want to see more?

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