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Create a Pumpkin Pattern - Carve a Pumpkin

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SamplePumpkinIcon.gif - 14127 Bytes

Create a Pumpkin Pattern
to use to carve your Pumpkin

SideScreenShots.gif - 43517 Bytes Pumpkins are great to create for Halloween or Fall Harvest... even for Thanksgiving! Make your pumpkin SMILE!

Use this program to create the face you want... once you've created that special face... print out the pattern.

The printer button is set up to print a pattern for small pumpkins. BUT... there is a button you can click to create a graphic file (puts it on the clipboard too) so you can open it in any graphic program to print as large... or small as you would like.

"I like to use this pattern maker so I can test out my pattern ... get it just right... before I cut my pumpkin" says Billy Bear. "The pattern maker I can do over and over again... a pumpkin, I can only do once.

Prepare your Pumpkin... Set some newspaper on your work area. Wipe down your pumpkin. Cut out the top (lid) of the pumpkin. Gut out the pumpkin seeds and goo. Then start your pattern ...

Make the pattern... print the pattern... clean your pumpkin... set your pumpkin with the perfect area for your face... tape the pattern to your pumpkin... use a push pin (or small nail) to punch little holes (tracing the lines on your pattern)... remove the pattern... take your carving knife (with the help of an adult) and carve out your pumpkin.

Wash seeds... set them out on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with a bit of salt and bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes (or until they begin to turn a light brown). MMMMmm pumpkin seeds! We live in the middle of the woods... wild animals loves pumpkin goo!


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Windows PC Halloween Create a Pumpkin Pattern



Business Edition
Create Pumpkin Patterns Business Edition - $24.95

Your name & link will be added to the program so you can
offer this program for free on your site. Your name will also
appear on the saved large & printed pattern.

Please be sure to add your name (company name) and
url link to your PayPal order. is the one who got me interested in making pumpkin patterns. Check out his "harder" patterns! They are really COOL! The cat pattern to the left is one of his. He even has patterns for watermelons! Have Fun!



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